Safe and Sound: The Third Dimension 2019

Editors: Amely Deiss, Malte Kröger, Kunstpalais, Stadt Erlangen
Publisher: Kunstpalais Erlangen ISBN 978-3-923899-51-7
Authors: Amely Deiss, Pol Esteve, Raymond M. Hood, Séamus Kealy, Malte Kröger, William M.C. Lam, Alona Rodeh, Marc Wiggam
Graphic design: Rachel Kinrot
Softcover: 128 pages, c. 21 x 29,5 cm, Eng/De
Price: 22,00 EUR via Kunstpalais shop


The exhibition and publication were kindly supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds.


Press release:

Safe and Sound: The Third Dimension (2019) is a publication of an inherently hybrid nature. Published on the occasion of Architecture of the Nights (March 16th to June 10th, 2019) at Kunstpalais in Erlangen, it functions as an exhibition catalog while at the same time it constitutes the third issue of Rodeh’s ongoing series of magazine-like, research-based artist publications under the meta-tile Safe and Sound.

The Third Dimension is derived from a quote by László Moholy-Nagy who proclaimed the use light in three-dimensional space. As a catalog, the publication documents Rodeh’s exhibition at Kunstpalais as well as DARK AGES 2020, Rodeh's solo show at Salzburger Kunstverein in early 2019. Both exhibitions revolve thematically around the topic of urban illumination and raise questions about how orientation can be established in post-modern nighttime environments.


As an artist publication, The Third Dimension features, among others: re-published historical texts, archive footage, advertisements, and scientific illustrations as well as newly commissioned contributions by external historians about the use of light- and sound systems in nightclubs and the blackouts in Europe during World War II. Furthermore, a visual essay by Alona Rodeh traces the evolution of bollards in urban space over the course of more than five centuries.