Architecture of the Nights  2019

Solo show at Kunstpalais, Erlangen 

Curator: Malte Kröger, director: Amely Deiss

Sound and light design: Alona Rodeh, Rachid Moro

Engineering: Rachid Moro, documentation: Ludger Paffrath


"Light, movement, and sound: In her room-spanning, performative installations the artist translates the nocturnal design of our cities into aesthetic spaces of experience. Based on the term ‘Architecture of the Night’, coined by US-architect Raymond Hood in 1930, Rodeh develops her artistic approach to urban illumination. This approach is grounded both on a careful examination of technical components as well as in-depth cultural-historic research on the use of artificial light."          —Malte Kröger, Kunstpalais Erlangen


The exhibition was kindly supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds


Works in order of appearance: