Architecture of the Nights  2019

"Light, movement, and sound: In her room-spanning, performative installations the artist Alona Rodeh (*1979 in Tel Aviv, Israel) translates the nocturnal design of our cities into aesthetic spaces of experience. With "Architecture of the Nights" the Kunstpalais hosts her first institutional solo exhibition in Germany. Based on the term ‘Architecture of the Night’, coined by US-architect Raymond Hood in 1930, Rodeh develops her artistic approach to urban illumination. This approach is grounded both on a careful examination of technical components as well as in-depth cultural-historic research on the use of artificial light." —Malte Kröger


Solo show at Kunstpalais, Erlangen 

Curator: Malte Kröger, director: Amely Deiss

Sound and light design: Alona Rodeh, Rachid Moro

Engineering: Rachid Moro

Documentation: Ludger Paffrath


The exhibition was kindly supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds


Works in order of appearance:

Architecture of the Nights, 2019, MDF, plexiglass, LEDs, electric curtain

Reading Bollards, 2019, MDF

To The Moon And Back, 2017, HD video, sound, DE ca. 13 Min., IL ca. 3 Min.

Feuerteufel, 2017, C-print, plexiglass, LEDs, wooden frame

Smooth Operator, 2018, MDF, plywood, LEDs, speakers

The Dragon Teeth of Jerusalem, 2019, OSB floor panels, LED road studs, MDF, aluminum, robotic vacuum cleaner, searchlights

The Resurrection of Dead Masters, 2012, glass door, metal door, lamps, chains and locks, sound shakers