DARK AGES 2020 2019

"The title of this exhibition, DARK AGES 2020, refers to a looming, near future; one already discernible. Alona Rodeh (b.1979) marks her first institutional show in Austria with a challenging new step in her investigation of light as a cultural and physical entity. Her work for the Salzburger Kunstverein draws upon research on cultural uses of light and darkness as well as current technologies of illumination produced for road works, emergency services, airport runways and more." 

—Séamus Kealy


Solo show at Salzburger Kunstverein

Curator: Séamus Kealy

Sound and light design: Alona Rodeh, Rachid Moro

Engineering: Rachid Moro, Documentation: Ludger Paffrath


The exhibition received a travel grant for projects abroad from the Berlin Senat. 


Dimensions variable, approx. 7 min long in loop

MDF, aluminum, polycarbonate, plexiglass, LEDs, sound