Smooth Operator 2018

Duo show with Karolina Hałatek at Galeria Propaganda.

To avoid ambiguity: the floating light ceiling in the center of the space and the stairs below it is Karolina Hałatek's work Mount.

Sound and light design and engineering: Rachid Moro


Works on show: 

Smooth Operator, 2018
Black MDF, plywood, high voltage LED lights, speakers; 373x212x50 cm

1,2,3 Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain, 2018
Reflective fabric stretched on canvas; 1 (Square): 90x90x4 cm, 2 (Triangle): 120x90x90x4 cm, 3 (Circle): 90x90x4 cm

Low Beam 1,2, 2018
Plexiglass and MDF, aluminum frame; 50x70x3 cm each

Rachid (from the Safe and Sound Poster Series), 2015
HD single channel color video with sound; 3:02 min in loop; projection on reflective fabric 70x125 cm