High Visibility 2016-2017

"For art berlin contemporary, Rodeh presents a sequence of 21 hand-painted graphic works that trace various work-wear designs, all rendered in the strict format of 50x70x3 cm, and executed on uncoated aluminium sheets. This sequence of works comments on the many variations of graphic visuals which are omnipresent in our daily routine, but become easily avoidable and often overlooked." (press release)


Solo booth art berlin contemporary (abc, 2016) Solo booth MiArt Milan (2017), both with Grimmuseum, Berlin. Documentation: Torben Höke


abc included a lecture performance, presented by KubaParis:


Day and Night: A Brief History of High Visibility Clothing

"From magic tricks to military tactics, from safety to high fashion and sports, in her lecture Alona Rodeh traces the parallel evolution and growth of “high visibility” aesthetics in entertainment and workwear fashion." 


Works in order of appearance: