Safe & Sound High Visibility 2016-2017

Solo booth abc art berlin contemporary with Grimmuseum, September 2016 

At abc: hand made graphic works on aluminum21 pieces 50x70x3cm each; road marking paints and mixed oil and water based paints on uncoated aluminium. Documentation: Torben Höke. In addition to the booth, Alona exhibited the "Car Huggers", a textile work on two cars (collaboration with BMW Mini) and a lecture on the history of high visibility clothing. 


Solo booth Miart Milan with Grimmuseum, April 2017, Group booth Fresh Paint Art Fair with Rosenfeld Gallery, March 2017

Plexiglass edition: 25x35x1cm, plexiglass mounted on MDF, edition of 5. Available via artsy or directly through the galleries. 


Niche Berlin recommends Alona Rodeh | Grimmuseum, September 2016

Bpigs Interview Enrico Centonze of Grimmuseum, September 2016

A look back at abc Berlin, AQNB, October 2016 

Recommendation on Ha'aretz, Na'ama Riba (Heb), March 2017 


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