In Dreams 2016

In Dreams was created on the occasion of the exhibition Blue Velvet, initiated and produced by Ella Weinberg and Elinore Drazi in collaboration with the Steve Tisch School of Film and Television, Tel Aviv University. It is a homage to David Lynch’s iconic film Blue Velvet (1986), as evidenced in the work’s name and aesthetic features. In Dreams is a hybrid between film, music video-clips and theatrical performance, replacing the suburbs of America with the very urban landscape of downtown Tel Aviv.




7:52 min single channel 4k in loop, color, stereo

WITH: Adi Boutrous, Orly Adga, Amir Shaul, Amit Shemma, Israela Hailu, Guy Pitchon, Kyle Scheurich, Ortal Gola and two bouncers (names unknown).
CREW: Cinematography: Pablo Arcuschin; Camera Assistant: Ram Brandwain; Editing and sound editing: Nadav Direktor; Sound mix: Rachid Moro; Lighting: Raanan Berger; Lighting assistant: Yosh Ginton; Color Grading: Omri Peled; Movements: Yakir Elkayam; Styling: Ella Altmann; Stills Photographs: Maya Louzon; Assistant director: Elinore Darzi; Assistant producers: Zachi Raz-El, Shiri Havazelet, Michal Hagag