A Brief History of the Air-Raid Siren 2016

Full name: Fear of Silence: A Brief History of the Air-Raid Siren, Lecture/Performance with 'Siren Diva' Haim Vitali Coen, Mule Driver. Approx. 60 min. First performed as a part of Rodeh’s solo show Safe and Sound (Evolutions) at Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv, December 2015. Its 2nd version was performed at Transmediale’s 29th Edition, February 2016. Later at Sonic Somatic, 21st of October, 2016


Review by Avi Pitchon for Ha'aretz (Hebrew), December 2015

Interview by Carlotta Camilla Petracci for Milan based WU magazine (Italian), March 2016


Press Release: As a part of her ongoing research on visibility of safety in the urban sphere, visual artist Alona Rodeh has been drawn to the growing usage of alarms in music. Today, it seems that alarms are almost obsessively sampled in very different musical genres. In the talk, executed in darkness to avoid visual disturbance, Alona shares her own personal view on the history of siren devices, mapping the parallel evolution of sirens in civil defense and music, from the early 19th century till our days. Growing up in Israel, inevitably there is an emphasis on Israel’s history of alarms. Her talk includes demonstrations of the various sounds of sirens and musical references that come with it. The demonstrations are carried out by Tel Aviv Musicians Harel Schreiber, AKA Mule Driver, operating a variety of electronic, digital and hand operated sirens, and Siren Diva, real name Haim Vitali Cohen, imitating sirens with his own voice, in what eventually becomes a musical composition in itself.


Image: the early days, Public Enemy