Safe & Sound Evolutions (Rosenfeld Gallery) 2015

Sculptures of M.D.F, aluminium; fluorescent lights; Photographs in aluminium and LED light boxes, video 3:00 min in loop + sound work. Video can be watched here. A new artist publication. A limited edition of Reflective Bags.


Solo show at Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv, including a lecture/performance: A Brief History of the Air-Raid Siren, Featuring Mule Driver and the Siren Diva. Documentation: Tal Nisim


Avi Pitchon for Ha'aretz (Heb), December 2015

Interview Yuval Sa'ar, Portfolio (Heb), December 2015

Podcast: Yuval Regev for TelAvivian, January 2016


Exhibition text can be read here: