Safe & Sound Evolutions (Grimmuseum)  2015

"The relatively domestic nature of Grimmuseum allowed Rodeh to shift from her monolithic large-scale works into more detailed object-based elements. The exhibition includes a group of pseudo-figurative sculptures forming a “family” of inter-related representatives of social mobility. These are supported by staged photographs. In the heart of the exhibition lies a discreet video piece, which introduces a staged mental state of absorbing and being absorbed. 
Another  room is dedicated to the Safe and Sound Deluxe Edition, an artist publication tackling in different manners the history of high-visibility clothing, fire regulations in architecture, and the phenomenon of acoustic alarms as seen from neurologic, sociologic and cultural perspectives."

Mario Margani


Solo show at Grimmuseum, Berlin

Curator: Mario Margani

Documentation: Vlad Margulis


Works in order of appearance: