Iron Dome Walking Down The Stairs 2015

Created especially for Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Rodeh connected the three main spaces of the museum to loudspeakers that function as a temporary public announcement system. Every 18 minutes, one of four quick yet intensive musical tracks is played, disturbing the relative silence in the space. The musical tracks start as various warning signals, become actual music, and cut short at their apex. In the museum's main hall, Rodeh installs a surrealist monumental homage to Iron Dome defense system, which rises on its legs like a contemporary Hebrew worker at the city square. 


The work was commissioned by Petach Tikva Museum of Art, for The Crystal Palace and the Temple of Doom, a group exhibition curated by Hila Cohen Schneiderman.


4 tracks composed by Mule Driver can be heard here.

Iron Dome Walking Down The Stairs, MDF, aluminium, 240x240x260cm 

Execution: Didi Alon

Installation view: Michal BarOr