Safe & Sound 1+2 2014

"The glowing photoluminescence film, usually used as thin strips marking emergency staircases, bunkers and dark theatres, here becomes the main protagonist. Charged by harsh light in frequent loops, blinding in parts, awfully dark in others, the green glow reflecting the gaze, sending it back and away, as a form of choreographed resistance. This resistance comes not as a critical disengagement, not as an opposition to the ordained regulations, but as a deconstruction of the relationship of light and darkness, both physical and cultural. 

—Gilly Karjevsky


The work was shown at Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel (Curator: Aya Lurie) and Künstlehrhaus Bethanien, Berlin


It was made possible with additional support of Artis, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the friends of the Herzliya Museum.

Documentations: Shaxaf Haber, Sam Smith, David Brandt