Sand Blinded Eyes  2006

The musical part of the piece combines parts from Isaiah's revelation (Is, 1, 2-17) and original text by Geffen. The sound physically constructs the visual as an orchestra performing a contemporary vision of an ancient testament of wrath and reproof. The profits voice radiates from the center speaker, the feminine chorus come out from two glossy sculptures in the shape of royal cat-goddesses, and the two matching vehicles boom the harsh beat. The combination between the old testament and cheap attractions and low bases, is a search for new words describing an old curse.


Collaboration with musician Rona Geffen

2 Peugeot 309, 2 smoke machines, 2 cat-figured sculptures with speakers build-in, 1 raw speaker; 3:24 in loop, surround; dimensions variable

Documentation: Yossi Breger, Ido Biran, Shaxaf Haber


Initially, Sand Blinded Eyes was exhibited in it's Hi-fi version with two luxurious Porsche-Boxter, at the International Biennial for Contemporary Music at Tel Aviv Museum of Art. It's Lo-fi version was exhibited at former Barzilay Club.


Isaiah 1 (2-15) – King James version: