Slingshot (Rogatka)  2007

Steel slingshot, plywood, round chewing gums, additional accessories; Performance, collaboration with Itay Mautner

The idea rose from the temporary exhibition spaces architecture. The venue was small and unattractive, but it had very large windows. A platform located in front of the windows resembled a street, when in fact it was a garage storage on a rooftop. A roughly made wooden seven branched candelabrum (Menora) was added by us. In the gallery itself we placed a metal standing slingshot, and a stack of 400 round chewing gum as it´s ammunition. With 1 ILS one could buy a shot at the Menorah, and try take down one of the beer bottles. During the few hours of the opening, the ammunition was easily finished and the effect was ´live and direct´.