Friday  2010

Aluminium, plywood, industrial paint, contact microphones, twitters, woofers, sound shakers; Sound integration: Ronny Shubinsky; Clothing: Avinat Gottesman; Optics: Yair Reshef; Performers: Ariel Cohen, Osnat Kelner, Amit Hadari, Efrat Tati Aviv, Moran Abergel, Asaf Korman; Installation shots: Elad Sarig, Performance shots: Gadi Dagon


'Friday' was exhibited as a sound installation as well as a performance - collaboration with Theater director Ariel Efraim Ashbel and composer Maya Dunietz. Performed at CCA Tel Aviv (supported by the Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts). Also, Exhibited In '#1', Yaffo 23, Jerusalem (2010). The big wheel as also in 'On the Road to Nowhere', Ashdod Museum of Art, (2011, curator: Aya Lurie).


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