Fire, Work  2010

5 Channel HD Video, 9:03 min in loop; Camera: Ben Hertzog, Elad Asulin; Editing: Max Lomberg; Sound Editing: Rona Geffen

Shot in neighborhood of Neve Eliezer (south-east Tel Aviv), with the cooperation of local teenagers from the area, for a solo show at Kav 16 Community Gallery for Contemproary Art (curator: Sally Haftel Naveh). The work was made possible with the support of the Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.


Hila Cohen Schneiderman's text: "...Kav 16 Gallery is located at Neve Eliezer Community Center in the neighbourhood Nir Aviv. There are different expectations from a gallery which operates within a community center, among others, the pedagogical-social content it displays. Alona Rodeh plays a fascinating game with these expectations. She creates a work that looks like a study video, like those in extra curriculum classesat the community center, like a cooking class; but Rodeh is cooking up a revolution. Her work is first and foremost a recipe, a visual instructional guide for preparing smoke bombs, and the learning audience is comprised of the teenagers..."


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