Anxiety  2011

"Reminiscent in shape of ancient burial structures such as the Mesopotamian Ziggurat or the Aztec Step Pyramid, Alona Rodeh´s work brings together an assembly of abstract plywood structures. Sound shakers concealed in the platform base transmit only bass output, thereby generating a recurrent blast which transforms into a rough and persistent low audio blend repeating itself in a gripping, hypnotic rhythm. In response to the intensity of the sound waves, the structures installed on the platform tremble, producing a continuous background noise. The accumulation of sound conveys a ritual, tribal feeling; The result is a combination between a subtraction of visual and musical details which lead to external regulation and restraint, on the one hand; compression and an erupting physical density which appears violent on occasion, on the other."

—Hadas Maor


The work was commissioned by Petach Tikva Museum of Art

Curator: Hadas Maor


Birch plywood, rubber, sound shakers; 240x120x120 cm;

Sound system integration: Ronny Shubinsky

Documentation: Shaxaf Haber