The Resurrection of Dead Masters  2012

Aluminium and glass door, walls, steel doors, chains and locks, sound shakers
Dimensions Variable; 4:18 min looped "Master of Puppets" by Metallica (re-edited instrumental version); Sound Editing: Binya Reches.


The Resurrection of Dead Masters was commissioned by the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon.


The work was further installed as an offsite project at 340 Donald Street, Winnipeg, Canada: a collaboration of the Faculty of Architecture - University of Manitoba, Plug In ICA and Border Crossings Magazine. Co-curated by Neil Minuk and Janique Vigier. Made Possible with the support of Artis and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Documentation: Matthew Swatzky (Winnipeg), Shachar Freddy Kislev (Holon)


Galia Yahav for Ha'arerz (Heb.), 29.2.12


Read Ran Kasmi Ilan's text: