If Im a Prince and Youre a Prince 2012

Full title: "If I'm a Prince and Your'e a Prince, Who Will Lead the Donkeys?"

Found object, presented at Rockefeller Archeological Museum, Jerusalem, for a show curated by Sally Haftel Naveh and Yanai Segal. Documentation: Michal Baror

Galia Yahav for Ha'aretz (Heb.) 6.11.12
Yonatan Amir for TimeOut Tel Aviv/Erev Rav (Heb.) 8.11.12
Reut Barnea for Calalist (Heb.) 11.11.12
Smadar Sheffi's blog (Heb.) 1.11.12
Graham Lawson for The Jerusalem Post 20.12.12


Sally Haftel Naveh's text: