Neither Day Nor Night 2013

In a darkened -1 floor of the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion of Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum, Rodeh installed a low and wide chess-patterned wooden stage, with a reflective pleated curtain located at its far end. A tuba adaptation of Erik Satie’s 1888 popular composition Gymnopédie #1, originally composed for piano, emanates from the loudspeakers set into the floor, synchronized with changing lights. The result is both harmonious and disharmonious, transforming the familiar into the unusual and creating a sense of expansion into a fantastic cinematic dimension.


Commission by Tel Aviv Museum of Art, for "Showtime", 3 person show at Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art

Curator: Hadas Maor


Made possible with the additional support of Outset


Plywood, Formica, Reflective Fabric, Lights; Dimensions Variable; Sound: 5 min looped; Original Music: Gymnopédie No.1, Erik Satie; Recorded Performance: Yuval (Tubi) Zolotov; Musical Production: Kalbata (Ariel Tagar)

Documentation: Tal Nisim, Oded Lobl

Video documentation